5 Ways to Optimize Your Internship This Summer

Happy Summer Internship Season! Many students all over the globe are embarking on their invaluable opportunities over the next few weeks. Successful maximization throughout is vital.  Here are 5 practical ways to make the most of your internship this summer.

  1. Be a Scholar

As an intern, you are officially an employee of the company you’re interning for. Be very intentional on learning all that you can about their structure, culture, key initiatives, and the consumers they serve. Every brand is different. Knowing what makes their machine run successfully both internally and externally will help you find ways to be an asset to the company.

  1. Bring your A+ Game Every Day in Every Aspect

An internship is more than 3-plus credits towards graduating… it’s an extended job interview. Showcasing with excellence what you can bring to the table is paramount. Unfortunately, many students underestimate the value they can add and the lessons that can be learned in an 8-12-week span. Regardless of what task you’re performing, let it be your best representation of what the company would get if they decided to hire you full-time. Remember, a plethora of other students competed to land your internship. In addition, many more will be your competition for full-time employment. Validated first-hand knowledge of your work is invaluable for any company. Do your best to fully maximize your opportunity to make a very impactful, memorable, and positive first impression via your internship. “Would I hire myself ?” is a good question to ask yourself often.  Successfully implement the necessary adjustments along the way.

  1. Have at Least One Informational Interview Per Week

There is a superabundance of benefits for doing internships. One of the most underutilized advantages is meeting and learning from others each week. Informational interviews don’t have to be very time-consuming. I suggest meeting with impactful employees from several departments of the company for 15-30 minutes or so. Learn more about their role, career journey, success tips, keen insight into the company, and more. In addition, handwrite a thank you note and be sure to keep in touch if you build a good rapport with them.

  1. Initiate and Complete a Project That will Add Value to the Company

Wise proactiveness is an attractive trait that most hiring managers absolutely love. Do your best to find a need, and a tangible solution to improve it. There may be an internal system that can be improved, an administrative project that should be done, or a team that needs an extra person/insight to complete a bigger company initiative. Regardless, be creative, intentional, humble, and eager to produce something of real value for the brand. This will help you stand out among the sea of other interns and competitors.


  1. Seek Feedback Throughout

Jim Trinka and Les Wallace brilliantly stated that “Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.” Seeking the wisdom of others will show that you truly care about adding value to the company, learning the nuances of successful implementation, and confirm that you can take criticism in a constructive fashion. There’s always something new to learn, and a higher level to go. Habitually seeking ways to improve should always be a goal for your internship and long after it.


To learn more ways on how to make the most of your internship, check out this classic Interns 2 Pros Podcast here: https://interns2pros.com/andreamacraewisdom/ .You can also listen on iTunes, iHeart Radio, and Google Play Music.

About the author, Mitchell Leach II

Mitchell Leach II is the Founder and CEO of Interns 2 Pros. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies including ESPN, Fox, and The Walt Disney Company. The former 5x Emmy-nominated producer relentlessly strives to assist students, companies, and educators to maximize their opportunities in today's workplace.

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