Ep. 11: Internship, Job Interview, and Career Success Wisdom ft.Victor Scotti Jr., Business HR Manager at Google

Whether it was during his time as a stellar student at UPenn, a standout intern for the Chicago Public School System, or as an impactful team-player and leader over the last seven years at Google, Victor Scotti Jr. has a ton of wisdom for both interns & pros! On the season premiere of the Interns 2 Pros Podcast, Victor serves up a plethora of sound and invaluable insight that if implemented, will take your career to an elite level of growth and impact. Enjoy!

About the author, Mitchell Leach II

Mitchell Leach II is the Founder and CEO of Interns 2 Pros. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies including ESPN, Fox, and The Walt Disney Company. The former 5x Emmy-nominated producer relentlessly strives to assist students, companies, and educators to maximize their opportunities in today's workplace.

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