How to Achieve Massive Career Growth & Success with the NFL’s Michael Leach- Episode 003

On this episode of the Interns 2 Pros Podcast, NFL Manager of Labor Operations, Michael Leach, discusses how to make the most of internships, how to land your first job, and mastering the art of career growth. The Chicago native shares keen advice on how to massively succeed at every stage. Prior to landing a very hard to get role with the NFL, he worked for the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins. This is truly a must listen!

About the author, Mitchell Leach II

Mitchell Leach II is the Founder and CEO of Interns 2 Pros. He has worked for several Fortune 500 companies including ESPN, Fox, and The Walt Disney Company. The former multi Emmy-nominated producer relentlessly strives to assist students, companies, and educators to maximize their opportunities in today's marketplace.

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